Sunday, July 27, 2014

Issue: Blog category view not filtering properly in SharePoint 2013 after migration from SharePoint 2010

I have Post list in SharePoint 2010 and whenever user posting a post he has to select a category.
And after posting a post user can see his post and below that post it shows category name also when user clicks on that category it redirects to categories page and shows list of post which are posted under that category.

Everything is working fine in SharePoint 2010, Now i have upgraded my SharePoint environment from 2010 to 2013.

Now the issue is, whenever user clicks on category under any post it is redirecting to categories page but it is showing all posts irrespective of what user selected category.

Here is the solution,

1. Click a category name on the left, or navigate to /BlogName/Lists/Categories/Category.aspx
2. Go into Edit Page mode, and add a Query String (URL) Filter web part.
3. In the web part properties, Filter name = Name, Query String Parameter name = Name (don't change this to anything else, it has to say "Name") Check the box "send empty if there are no values"
4. OK, and remove the filter from the view on the Posts web part.
5. Create a web part connection that connects the Query String URL Filter to the Posts web part, using the "Category" field.

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